SealMaster - Pattern concrete sealing Totonto, The Seal Master

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Sealmaster has two numbers one for Vaughn and one for Mississauga.

In their quote they mentioned that they put two coats of selaent and that it restores the look of the concrete.

I called them to seal my concrete driveway, they came and did the sealing but on the day itself I was suspecious whether the second coat was put or not. A week later sealent is washed out in several places and I can see several dry spots on the driveway. I called them to take a look at the issue and not only do they refuse to come and see the issue insisting that the job was done properly but Cam(name of the person I spoke to) also hung up on me.

Be warned if you think you can trust this companys claims.The advertising is misleading, the attitude when you speak to them leaves a bad taste and the work shoddy.


Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada #712957

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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada #712479

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